What We Agree Not To Share:

  1. We will not share the confidential information that you share in private or group coaching sessions outside of those sessions. The exception to this rule is that our instructors/coaches/facilitators may share information between themselves so that everyone is on the same page and knows what is going on with you.
  2. Coach responses to questions on private or group coaching calls may be edited out (nothing identifiable to you will appear in the clip) and used for marketing/instructional purposes.
  3. Group coaching calls will be recorded and archived. These calls will be made available to current and potentially future participants in the program.
  4. We will not share your name or contact information with anyone outside of our company and its affiliates. (Affiliates can only see your name, they will not receive contact information.)
  5. Our program tracks your progress as you complete modules. If your company has paid for your program, we will provide monthly updates to your manager on your percentage completion of the program. Only this percentage will be indicated. No information from your coaching program will be provided to your manager.

What You Agree Not To Share:

  1. You agree not to share the material in the course with anyone outside of the course. All materials are subject to copyright protection and should be treated accordingly.
  2. You agree not to share with anyone outside of the program anything that is shared on the group coaching calls or at an event by another participant. In this way, we keep the space safe for sharing.