Code of Behavior: All participants are encouraged to share what is going on with them in the private and group coaching calls, at the events, and in the online forums. All emotions are welcome, including anger as long as it is owned by the participant and not directed at another participant. Abusive behavior and/or bullying will not be tolerated. Participants will receive ONE warning. After that, violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from all group related environments with no refund due. Participant will still have access to the training materials. Participant may appeal this decision to another facilitator if they feel that they have been unfairly removed. Please contact the office to begin this process.

One Person Access: Unless your purchase specifically states otherwise, this course is licensed solely and exclusively to the person who purchased it. You MAY NOT share this information with another person or share a subscription. To do so is a violation of copyright law and discovery of this fact will result in an immediate termination of the program with no refund due. (Monthly payments will continue until the full price of the program has been received.)

VIP Retreat Registration: When you sign up for a VIP program, you receive vouchers for three retreats. You must use the voucher coupon codes to register for the retreat that you wish to attend. We recommend signing up for your retreats well in advance to guarantee your space at the event. Vouchers are good for 18 months after your initial signup date.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. Program Cancellation: Our cancellation policy is strictly enforced to keep you on track in your program. By law, you have three days from the date you sign up to cancel this program. After the three day right of rescission period expires, there is no cancellation - even on monthly payment plans.
  2. Retreat Cancellation: VIP Registrants will receive a voucher code for any refunds listed below. Regular registrants will receive a refund on the credit card used to make the purchase.
    1. 90+ Days prior to retreat - full refund less a $100 cancellation fee (cancellation fee is waived for VIP registrants)
    2. 60+ Days prior to the retreat - 50% refund
    3. 30+ Days prior to the retreat - 25% refund
    4. Less than 30 Days prior to the retreat - no refund
    You may substitute another person on your registration so long as that person is willing to agree to the terms and conditions of the event. You must notify the office a minimum of 5 business days in advance of the event to make any substitutions. If you are sharing a room, your roommate must agree to the substitution.